Boys, today we give in to the popular demand, in which we are going to teach them 5 tricks sick of soccer which are usually performed on the court by Paulo Dybala Now maybe I do not have one of those rare tattoos or make great goal celebrations, but, if you pay attention

maybe you learn a thing or two anyway # 5- DOUBLE PROBLEM OF DYBALA Number five is "The Double Problem of Dybala", which is great if you really like to drop your shoulder, just instead of doing it once, you do it twice, and you use the defense's inertia to take it off balance If you do it enough fast, you will be able to pass by one side of it, no doubt # 4

– THE TUNNEL WITH THE TIP Number four, "The tunnel with the tip", used by both, both by Messi and by Dybala, is a very simple movement, which requires a lot of time precision Going down on the ball, and being very close to the defender, wait until this one move; then tap the ball between your legs Everything is a matter of measuring time, until you can see that your opponent is going to surrender, then punish him for even thinking in being able to take the ball # 3 – THE DESSERT Number three is "The Dessert"

It is a great movement for when you receive a pass from your partner, with an opponent marking you from the side Here, you basically get the ball with your dominant foot, and then, you get them behind you, while you turn your body towards your dominant foot It is simple, but very beautiful # 2- BICYCLE WITH 90 ° TURN

Number two is the "Bicycle with 90 ° turn", which It is another great movement in case you stay stuck, and you need to create yourself slowly If you come running on one side with a defender, what you do is tap the ball a little bit away of you, and while he travels, you make an external bicycle with your dominant foot Right after this, use the same foot to turn 90 °, and leave Bye!! # 1 – TUNNEL WITH REVERSE DRIVE The number one, is "The tunnel with drag in reverse"; and it may be the most difficult trick, but it's also mega, obscene mega

With the defender approaching you, wait for him to go for the ball, then quickly drag him backwards, and then, pass it between the legs, with the inside of your dominant foot You will take him to school, completely So, there you have it, five reliable friends, and still, simple, that can make you shine on the court, like the same Lord silk tricks, Paulo Dybala But if you want to see more cool videos like this, do yourself a favor, and go to subscribe, with notifications activated, of course, by clicking on the green bubble, above me head And then, they're going to learn some great tricks from Messi, poking the video below

And with that said, guys, I disconnect myself I see them next time Adiosito! Translated by: {- = AvE FéNiX = -}