Hello, soccer friends Today, I'm going to show you five tricks of Pogba, and I swear, tap,

it's not on the list # 5 STOP AND CUT Number five: "Stop and Cut" This movement is great to change direction, and works anywhere on the court

When you have the ball in front of you, stop it with your dominant foot Now, make a cut with your non-dominant foot, and get away from the defense with speed

# 4 CUT TO THE ROLL OF SOLE Number four: "Cut to the Rodada with the sole" This is another perfect move to change direction quickly When you feel it is the right time, make a roll with the sole of your dominant foot, while you jump to give, once again, a touch to the ball You have to be able to change the entire weight of your body in a beat of time, so that the movement be more effective # 3 TUNNEL WITH DRAG TOWARDS BACK Number three: "Tunnel with Drag Towards Back" This movement is made to humiliate that defense that is too anxious

Just when this one is approaching you, step on the ball, drag it back, and point to that beautiful pipe Try to make the movement in a fluid way # 2 ELASTIC CUT Number two: "The Elastic Cut" This is wonderful if you want to be a little colorful while protecting the ball Make an external-internal Akka, while jumping forward, to make the ball pass back

of your support leg Let's see it in slow motion # 1 LAMANTADITA VAM WITH TRAILER Number one: "Levantadita VAM with Drag" Well, I've seen Pogba do this while he was warming up, but he did not pay much attention, because instead of an internal VAM, I do an external VAM I hope you can forgive me Drag the ball back with your dominant foot, and receive it behind your support leg Make a small elevation to be in position to do the VAM

It depends on you, if you want to do an internal VAM, or external I hope this has been useful, and that you now have the confidence to try some of these in a match You can see some of our other videos of plays, like those of Messi, CR7, Neymar, and others, if you are still tuned to our channel Bye!! Translated by: {- = AvE FéNiX = -}