What does he do again? What does he do again? Turns around Yaarrrrgggghhhh! You okay? Hey what's up guys?! So Everyone's the King of FIFA

Alright? That's what everyone says! I wanna know who the real King of FIFA is So ah, I challenged Joel Embiid You probably know him from the Basketball A different sport with the hands Apparently ah, Joel is the self-proclaimed FIFA King Yes, I am the King Of FIFA! Alright, well let's see if you're the King of FIFA I mean I know I'm not But let's see if you're the King Cause I just want to meet the King This is how it went down Let's go Joel! First game And you know what's important about this game? Is that It's just two

two guys who are really good at FIFA just, just enjoying it Who wins or who loses in this game doesn’t really matter this is just us practicing

but I mean if I win it counts Come on Diego Costa! Oh my God

Joel, how you gonna give me the ball? How you gonna give me the ball? Just getting used to the game Do you think there's as much flopping in basketball now as soccer? Yes! I play soccer so I'm kinda I flop a lot too sometimes

Flopping is nice though Oh It's nice! when you get when you get whatcha want

it's nice! Yeah! It's also like a nice way for guys to let their emotions show, ya know? Yeah!? Cause guys cant cry and then like flopping is a nice way to cry for a reason If you played soccer, what position would you play? Ahhh, Forward Are you one of those tall guys who doesn’t know how to header the ball cause you're so tall the never gave you headers? Probably You know what my favorite thing about like A lot of African soccer players? It's that like

they never learned how to header the ball, cause they never played with a soccer ball that you can header Yeah So like we used to play with soccer balls that where so messed up, like they didn’t have the leather on them anymore

And it would just like scratch your face if you tried to header it When you talk trash, do you ever think of the trash that kids used to talk to you when you started playing basketball? Oh yes, for sure! What's the worst thing someone said to you when you were playing? When you started Ahhh, I mean I used to get in a lot of fights and obviously I wasn’t really physical So I used to get pushed around a lot

You used to get pushed around?? Who was that guy? Get bullied It's funny It's funny how I am saying this now because like, I love being physical on the basketball court

Umm, but like I used to be like It used to be bad, I used to get pushed around Come on

Benza goal! He missed! Aww I thought he How was that not offside? This is technically 1 Oh my God it's offside?! Yeah, that should have been offside How is that offside? Because you were ahead of me

That's what I'm talking about, VAR V, A, R, there we go! Diego Costa! Come on Keeper?! Oh you picking the ball up? Oh, you serious Joel That's 1-1 in my book because you gave me a goal

Yeah! So although everyone in the world will know that I beat you in that game, for me it doesn’t count as a win I let you win

Yeah, because you gave me the ball So I don’t count that Even though everyone else will count it, I don’t count it I don’t count that at all I won!!! Alright! Game two Joel

What are you gonna do different this time man? Win See, this is what I am talking about because last time was a draw

This is what I am talking about about basketball players You guys just give like a generic answer to all, like ESPN or

anyone! What are you gonna to do differently? Win! Well, thank you so much for chatting to us Joel Thanks for that insight, back to you guys in the studio Man, I'm loving the way they move in this new FIFA

I'm not even gonna lie I gotta get That's something I gotta get used to

Yeah! Like I just I like the way the body moves Yeah

I can feel like the weight of the players Like if you where in FIFA

If you where in FIFA 19, I would be able to feel That you're like a 7 foot giant, who's a really soft, emotional guy I would feel that, you know? Goal!!! Say Ahhh! AHHHHHHHH! What does he do again? What does he do again? Turns around YAAARRRGGGHHHH! You okay? Not doing anything

You got lucky on that one! Come on Meunier He's trash just like you

Wow! Penalty! No How's that a penalty? How is that a penalty? Oh!! Where is the stability in this midfield people? Goal!!! Oh!! Oh!! What did I just say? Who we needed! Who did we need? Mandzukic tried, did you score?! Uh huh! I guess you want a new team now? Good game man, good game! Benzema!!! Modric!! Kroos Was that Kroos? Oh my word Even better Tony Kroos

I need to take this seriously Put my mask on You're not the only one with a mask Joel

Do you feel like you're better when you play with the mask? Hell, no Nope! I cant breath but I feel cool Definitely feel cool It's called, Masked Trev! What? What? Yeeaaahhh! Is your microphone broken Joel? something's gotten real quite in here man I remember when my friend Joel would talk to me during the game

Those where the good old days Next! These are the champions Do you want?! Do you want the mask? Alright, time for us to check out some of the new modes in FIFA 19 Joel Survival is the one where like every time you score, you lose a player on your team Let's try that one Yeah, cause then I am going to have fewer players, cause I am going to score goals and then you'll be able to catch up with me, which is nice

Gaaaaahhhhhh! ???????????? Man this is hard tactically now do I just try keep it at 1-0? and play 10 men? or do I try score again? But then I play you with 9 men I mean, don't get me wrong

I could beat you with 9 men But I don’t know if I want to do that I don’t know if I wanna

have that stress in my life Wow, Leroy Sane What a goal! They should let you choose who the other team loses

Like um, I think ah Sterling De Bruyne! YES!! That's the worst! De Bruyne, out! Why cant they let me??! Get him outta here

Why cant they?? Agüerro is, ugh Tha's the worst I can lose Joel, what if I told you I was only playing at 70% of how I normally play? I woulda told you the same Oh my God, goal Ah, that new tap system man Gah! I gotta get that right

Ugh! I gotta get that right Let's do Champions League Champions League?? Do it, let's do a Champions League final Ewww, this song gives me goosebumps I know, I love this

These are the champions Final of the Champions League Real Madrid 2 years ago I was at this game Yeah?! That must've been electric man

Amazing! Whew!! Whew!! Whew! Now you gotta team! How was that a goal? Now you gotta midfield How is that a goal man? How is that a goal? Cause it's Joel Embiid, holdin the controller! Look at this look at this right here, what is this? What is this? What is that? What is that?! That shoul've been a goal in the first place

No man What's the Come on man! Why's the guy headering the ball to you? Why's he giving you a goal? What!? What!? What!? Modric baby! whatchu know about that? No chance

Gareth Bale! Baby! How you gonna predict what you cant stop?! Gareth Bale! Why you letting him run? Ah, If that's not offside it's over That's not off side? Oh my God, I though he wasn’t offside Wow I thought he wasn’t offside Wow

Oh my God Wow You got oh my God You gotta play the whistle Joel, that's what my coach in high school used to tell me You've got to play with the whistle Boo!! You know what I like is you've got finals face right now Special type of face man losing in the finals?? A wise man once said There's no point in going to the finals, if you don’t win! I don’t know who that was, but he was a wise man You know what is 3? Nah Three championships! That's how many I've got Three championships

In the words of Mourinho, three Three You know that? You must show me the respect I deserve Can I get some respect? Can I get the respect I deserve? Three That was funny

Can I get some respect?! Yo Joel, thank you my dude Thank you so much I appreciate your time You let me know when we're doing this again man! We definitely gotta do it again You gotta practice, you gotta find your team

I'm gonna find my team I know my team You were using my team Oh, okay You were using my team! I said do you want to use Real Madrid? I have this on tape

No, I let you use my team Okay Cause I didn’t wanna kick yo ass Okay, you had Ronaldo though Football is played with 11 men

and Ronaldo is one of them He's 1 of 1 of 11

Ronaldo can't be the team by himself Let me tell you something if I had Joel Embiid on my pickup basketball team I think that would make a bigger difference than all the other guys on my team

That would make a difference My dude, thank you so much man I appreciate it Ah man, this was dope!