I don't understand because I open one nothing to nothing three nothing welcome back guy today I'm gonna be opening some FIFA 19 Ultimate Team packs hopefully we get some good players if not I don't care hope you guys enjoy this video please give a like and subscribe for some more and don't forget to hit that Bell buttocks is very very important so you never miss a video in this channel let's get to it so we are starting let's do this so we're opening our first pack which is the premium gold pack so let's do this who are we were going to get hmm just go okay soccer what the hell is this you call this good gold Park Premium Gold Park you call this preamble put I don't think so don't to skip this this is I don't like this okay so confirm some flour we get rid of this yeah we don't need this stuff so let us open another one hopefully I gets a good place because this is not this is not good okay second pack of the night fingers crossed we get a good player and it is all Spain right meat buzzer Leone hmm not what I was expecting this is not good this is not good to start it's my club put it in my club okay let's open a Premium Gold Park players of 350 50 points let's do this now this is expensive packs or better gets good player in taboc Fazio I don't understand this is not good this is not not good I don't understand I pay a lot of money for this and I don't get to play as I want oh one more thing oh wow that's good let's let's take him over to our club week we don't we put it in on the club and then we deal a bit later so number three pack let's get this something good at this so pack three of the night hopefully we get this you know this good thing I want to get this good player this very good player but I better get some good stuff out of this who is this it's gold of course Portuguese left me and Danielle why are getting shit players today right let is open this promotion pack they say okay just go good luck what is this man I don't I don't understand because I open one nothing to nothing three nothing don't like this but I think it's gonna be my last one today now I'm just kidding look we're gonna do some more let me see what I get in his pack okay so it's gold and it's crap again but who who who the hell is this player oh my goodness how do people do this look at this place yeah you like a seal later everything goes yeah everything you see you later alligator hasta la vista all right let's go back and then God player again just I want for now Damacy anything good kay is gold Williams I don't understand i buyed this pack and not 50 you William you go to the bean get out of him and still have Easter and he was shooting just go home right let's open a gold pack to see what happens if I get a good player from this pack this is unbelievable fee for this is crazy Moreno I don't know what I did to deserve this I don't know what I do to deserve this and be nice to FIFA I say please give me good player hopefully please please this is Shibuya I do not deserve this good you call this good player this guy gonna beam light guys today is a short video because I'm getting annoyed because this is not this is not good quality players for premium gold packs and I get this so last pack of the night please moment of truth I close my eyes really gone sorry I've got to press you want to buy it yes breath what the hell why tell me why FIFA why I can't believe this why FIFA what have I done to the service I don't care I give up once I get this done and what the hell is these players man actually for you guys today I'm going to spend my 9000 coins so let's hope we get something good ha ha I don't know what's going to happen because I will flip this thing around close my eyes again please clean your community oh my goodness Sabra who the hell is fabula and that's it this is the last pack of the night I am up do any more pack that's it that is it look at this these guys who the hell is these guys man yeah you go to sell I don't need you people never these guys are penis taboos cursed alright guys that is it for me today I hope you guys enjoyed this video please leave a like and subscribe to my friend Paulo HD and don't forget don't forget hit that Bell button cuz it's very important so you never miss a video of Paulo HD